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Quality is the most important aspect of valves and we have GM Engineering have taken care of everything that falls within the purview of quality when it comes to ball valves India. We have an extensive range of ball valves that can fulfill different needs and perform several functions.

• Screwed End Ball Valves: This type of valve is popularly used in different settings. It has screw threads at one end and is compliant with design standard BS EN ISO 17292 and testing standards like API 598 and ISO 5208.

• Flanged End Ball Valves: This type of valve is available in two varieties one with flanged end and other with butt weld. It has low torque, extended or blow out proof stem. The varieties also differ on the basis of the material used like the hast alloy, alloy 20, etc.

• Floating Ball Valves: This is one of our most selling ball valve variety and also a category in which most ball valves exporters India deal. Our floating valves are compliant with ASME B16.10 which is an F to F Standard and also other testing and design standards.

• Cast Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves: This variant comes with flanged End, butt weld end, or ring type joint. This one offers great features that include rust resistance, low friction bearing, and also options like emergency sealant injection.

• Fully Welded Ball Valves: These varieties are available in diverse sizes ranging from 50mm to 120mm. These valves are ideal for different types of operations like manual, electric, or gas-powered.

Our valves have been enhancing functions in petrochemical, mining, oil and gas industries both in India and abroad.

GM Engineering as Your Ball Valves Exporters

There are certain great advantages of choosing us as your ball valves exporters India.

Pocket-Friendly: Our ball valves are manufactured in bulk and we use latest machines. These simple industry tricks along with many other secrets help us to competitively price our ball valves and offer economical products to our clients

Manufactured Consciously: We are an environment-conscious organization that is doing its bit to reduce the carbon footprint and eliminate processes that have severe and long-term impact on the environment.

Available Globally: We are not bound by physical barriers. We export to almost every country and have established network in at least 15 countries. So, no matter where you are, if you need a ball valve, GM Engineering can reach you.

Used Universally: Our varieties of ball valves have multiple applications, and these are not limited to a single industry. These can be used universally without having to undergo any type of modification.

Get complete specifications of our varieties by clicking the required type of valve below or mail us at valve@gmengg.com for orders or queries.