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For over two decades now, GM Engineering has been pioneering in the valves manufacturing. As one of the top butterfly valves manufacturers, we are industry leaders in acquiring state-of-art machineries and setting up new manufacturing standards. We have made into the list of reliable butterfly valves exporters by constantly delivering quality products with required certifications to different countries around the globe.

At GM Engineering, we are aware that different types of industries have diverse needs and the type of valve that they would need might vary depending on the pressure requirement, type of liquid used, etc. Therefore, we have a standard range which can be customized as per client needs.

The four primary types of butterfly valves at GM Engineering are:
1) Flanged end butterfly valve
2) Wafer end butterfly valve
3) PTFE sleeved butterfly valve
4) High performance butterfly valve

While each type of valve variety has a distinct application, we as butterfly valves exporters are proud to market our valves as versatile offerings that can be used in different industries like waste management factories, power generation companies, or water or steam-based operators.

Fulfilling Functions and Delivering Engineering Marvels
Ever since the inception, we have always kept the functions of the valve above everything else. We understand that the primary function of butterfly valves is to control the flow of different types of liquid and if a valve is unable to perform that role then, it is of no use. At GM Engineering, we ensure perfect functioning by adhering to:

1) Internationally acknowledged design, testing, and F to F standards.
2) The required ANSI class and ratings
3) Client material requirement and sourcing it from reliable vendors
4) Standard design norms and blending them with our engineering expertise.

Once we have aced the function, we add details that make our butterfly valves appropriate for different industries. Our varieties include the ones that other butterfly valves manufacturers offer and also specially customized valves that are suitable for varying commercial requirements. You can share your requirements in terms of material, sizes specifications, type of operations, design details, etc. and we will transform that into a reality.

Solutions and Products at Your Doorstep
We use our industry experience and cater to your specific needs by offering comprehensive butterfly valves designing and manufacturing services. You can either visit our regional centers or contact us on mail or phone with your specific requirements. We assure you that you will get the best advice and the best products when you choose us as your butterfly valve manufacturing partner.

Send in your butterfly valve requirements or queries at valve@gmengg.com or visit the Contact Us page for more ways to connect with us.