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    Corrosion Data

Corrosion may be caused by adverse exterior conditions in the Atmosphere, such as Salt Molecules present in the air, due to proximity of the Manufacturing plants close to the Sea Coast or due to emissions of Acids and other such corrosive substances into the Atmosphere by other Plants in adjoining locale. For instance, Aluminum Windows and Doors tends to oxidize if they are close to sea coast or used in Highly Corrosive Plant Areas. Corrosion in Values often results from Chemical Interaction between the Valve Body and the Agent through which it passes.

The following chart recommends the right body (Metal/Lining) Applications to handle Specific Chemicals. Other considerations to keep in mind while making selections of Valve Body include Temperature of the Media Flowing through Speed (Pressure) at which the-Media is flowing, whether the Media is Liquid or Slurry, Impurities present in the Media, and so on.

GM valves are available in a combination of exterior body, Inner Lining, Pressure Class Ratings, Filtering devices for both Liquid and Slurry Applications.

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