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Our Check Valves Manufacturing Philosophy

Check valve is the most commonly used valve in residential and commercial complexes. GM Engineering offers world-class varieties of check valves that are perfect for different settings. We are a global player whose name is a synonym for quality in the check valves manufacturers industry.

We like to introduce ourselves as innovators with traditional roots who create check valves that perform the traditional function in a smarter way. Our designers and machinists are constantly looking for technologies and innovations that can help us manufacture the best quality valves.

The Most Promising Check Valves Varieties
It takes years of dedication and hard work to be included amongst the top check valves exporters and manufacturers. Our success is a result of our promise to deliver quality valves. With respect to our check valve varieties, we offer:

Dual Plate Check Valve: This variety features heavy duty spring that reacts instantly to changes in the flow proving to be a great check. This comes with a bolt on top which makes it super easy to be installed and reinstalled when required.
Wafer Check Valve: This variant is intricately designed; but, that does not compromise on the function. It features a swing cap that controls the flow and maintains a steady pace depending on the pressure.
Swing Check Valve: The unique selling point of this type of valve is the design which lends robustness and durability. The variant comes with a renewable and integral seat rings that can easily be replaced and adjusted.

Unlike other check valves manufacturers, we offer customization of our valves. Our clients get the perk of selecting the type of operation, the material for the body, trims, caps, etc., the dimensions, and also the type of ends. However, this is not where the customization stops.

Although, our products adhere to various design and testing standards, we do offer customization in this area as well. If a client has specific design or testing standards in mind, the team and manufacturing units at GM Engineering are capable of fulfilling such requirements.

The Most Reliable Check Valves Manufacturers and Exporters
Ever since we ventured into the valve manufacturing business, we have been trying to cater to different types of clients by taking up challenging orders and fulfilling them in the best possible way. Our check valve varieties have a global demand, and this makes it one of our most exported items. The appreciation of being called reliable comes from our clients who we have never disappointed.

For more information on our check valve variants, explore the tabs below. You can also mail us at valve@gmengg.com for catalogs, quotes, or queries.