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GM is an Industry – leading valve manufacturer, providing a broad range of valve solution to meet any industrial application. GM’s diverse offering of Ball, Gate, Globe, Cheack and Butterfly valves are designed in accordance with the needs and standards of each industry. Further more, GM has a long history of working with customers to solve their unique application requirements. GM industrial valves are acceptance of its products by leading players in numerous industries including chemical, processes, refineries, petrochemicals, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, oil exploration, thermal plants, foods and beverages, effluent treatment and sewerage water treatment, cooling plants, mining and water supply.

End-use application and customer focus dirves R & D at GM, with a continuous effort to develop and refine products uniquely suited to the specialized needs of our varied industial clients. The objectives is the development of valves designed to maximise performance according to custoimer’s own parameter and tolerances. For the client, the result is not just realibility, efficiency and productivity, but also a quicker adaption to new technology, with shortened development cycle.