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Plug Valve

Plug valves are multifunctional valves that control the flow of liquid by either stopping them or by changing the direction of the flow. At GM, Engineering, we have mastered the manufacturing of plug valves to a level that we are included in India’s top plug valves manufacturers. To be amongst the top requires constant effort and consistent quality.

We have a state-of-art manufacturing facility that is well-equipped to handle bulk orders. We use imported machineries that deliver precision and engage in simultaneous testing where faulty products are removed from the manufacturing line. We employ trained and experienced professionals who are veterans in operating the machine and determining the quality.

Our Range Speaks for Itself
We offer made-to-order plug valves for clients who want something specific. If, you are one of those, you can get in touch with our team at the e-mail address provided below with the details of the valve. Besides, the customized product, we offer two varieties of plug valves:

• Teflon Sleeved Plug Valve
This variety offers bi-directional flow control with a single handle. The operation type can be pneumatic, electric, or manual. This is available in size ranging from 15mm to 300 mm with clients having the flexibility to choose the material for body, plug, and sleeve.

• Jacketed Plug Valve
This type of plug valve comes will a full jacketed design which is its most distinguishing feature. It features multiple connections and because of the jacketed design it can easily circulate liquids or gases with varying temperatures either hot or cold.

In terms of the standard conformance, both the varieties are similar. Both the Teflon sleeved plug valve and the jacketed plug valve comply with 150# and 300# ANSI class rating. The design standard is API 599 and the testing standard is API 598. Additionally, both the varieties are 100% dielectrically spark tested. The F to F standard is ASME B16.10 and the end connection standard is ASME B16.5.

Our Manufacturing and Exporting Capabilities
With a dedicated facility, our manufacturing capabilities are boundless and with a global clientele, our exporting capabilities makes us defy physical barriers. We are in the list of top approved plug valves exporters for all seven continents. Our team of sales professionals offer you the best assistance in terms of the material that you should opt for, or the design that will best suit your need. If you already have that sorted, then our sales team will help you place order and keep you informed about the progress.

To select us as your plug valves manufacturers and plug valves exporters, contact us at valve@gmengg.com.